W e s t v i e w  S p o r t s

Westview Women’s Soccer
February 20th, 2014

Dear Wildcat women’s soccer players and prospective players and families.

Welcome. My name is Ralph Halewyn, and I’m the head coach for women’s soccer here at Westview high school. I’m pleased to be at Westview and excited to continue the legacy of what has become one of the top women’s soccer programs in the state.

Thank you all for your wonderful support last year, and in my first year here at Westview. I could have not asked for a better year… well I could of, but looking back I would not change a thing. The players, staff, school, and parents were all amazing last year, and has me excited and looking forward to this upcoming year.

Last year, we finished fourth in the Metro league and third in the state playoffs. After a bit of an inconsistent start to the season, with all the changes in the program, style of play, and what we were expecting of the girls, it was not surprising. What was surprising was how the team really came together in our amazing playoff run. On our way to the semi-finals, we played and beat the #17 ranked team in state, the #1(and undefeated) ranked team in state and the #8 (and also undefeated) ranked team in state, coming from behind, being 2-0 down at the half. It was truly an amazing run, and one I will never forget.

All four of our women’s soccer teams did very well last year and we had amazing support. We had over 65 players in our program last year and look to grow it this year. We’ll have summer training session starting in June and two different camps in August just before tryouts to have the players fully ready. Our four teams consist of Varsity, Junior Varsity, JV2 Red, and JV2 Blue. Our JV2 Blue team is fully funded by our program. All of the cost for uniforms, travel, officials and other expenses are paid for by the program. It is imperative that each family in the program do their part in support all four teams, throughout the year with all of our fundraising efforts. I look forward to a fantastic year and providing the girls the best opportunity, structure, and environment for them to thrive as a student athlete.

Ralph Halewyn

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