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A Message from Tom Lathrop

Team and Core Values must take precedence over wins and losses! As players buy into a rigorous training regime and a well defined system of play they have a tendency to support every member of the program as a valued component. Respect for all program members is a Core Value which must be emphasized. This leads to an attitude of mutual respect with our school, classmates, other athletic programs within and outside of Westview, and most importantly, within the community. While the program prepares student athletes to compete at the highest level on the athletic field, the more vital function is to support young people who emphasize academics and integrity. Westview Boys Soccer, as a program, is dedicated to guiding individuals to go where they have never gone both academically and athletically. We can accomplish this goal by challenging ourselves daily with difficult tasks on and off the field and embracing our Core Values such as teamwork, intense preparation, integrity, and family. Ready to be a big part of Westview Boys Soccer?

The 2012 Varsity Team

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The 2012 JV Team

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The 2012 JV2 Team

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